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uNAvo Inc. has released its latest software contribution to the telecom community, “InstantMVNO”. Quickly become a wireless reseller with all the tools necessary to launch in today’s wireless market.

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uNAvo Router Switch

Back-up & Restore

Whatever part of networking your business is in, when it comes to Cisco gateways, backing up router and switch configs are critical. uNAvo Inc. and its partners are working hard to simplify the process of Cisco router and switch backups. UBR uses a simple user friendly GUI which will communicate with your gateways and switches to backup and restore its running config, startup config or both. This patent pending software does not require you to have a TFTP server or use SNMP. After months of testing with private companies, the beta version is finally released to the general public.

Features :

Config back-up :Download your Cisco router or Cisco switch & configs with one click of a button. Download configs from unlimited gateways and switches simultaneously.

Config Restore : Restore previous download configs to you Cisco gateways or Cisco switches

Config Scheduler : Schedule backups of your Cisco routers and switches to run a anytime of day or week.

Config Archive Utility : Set the Archive properties when you download your Cisco router and Cisco switch configs. There not need to worry about using up harddrive space if you schedule backups of 1000 routers or switches every night.hedule backups of 1000 routers or switches every night.

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